DRIntWhen we began shooting LIBERATOR, we had just enough dough to shoot five days of ambitious principal photography. But sacrifices had to be made. We could not do a fight scene on the scale we wanted to do it; we couldn’t do a couple of key practical effects like Lou getting trapped in a gas chamber and then bursting through a wall — only to find himself face to face with a phalanx of armed guards… and we had no money for post or VFX. So we launched a Kickstarter fund-raising campaign. Our goal: raise for two days of additional shooting as well as post production.
We quickly realized that fund-raising on Kickstarter isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes a huge amount of effort to spread the word, and big Twitter and Facebook lists make all the difference — which we did not have at the time. Even with our genre names with their fan bases, it soon seemed like K wasn’t going to happen. With less than a half hour left we were still many thousands off our goal and all looked bleak. Until several of you guys, passionate about making sure this thing got made, stepped up. We blew past our goal in the final minutes and raised K. Every dime of that went back into the movie and then some.

So with a hearty thank you to every single person who contributed, be it or THANK YOU. We love you guys and could not have done it without you!

Aaron Gray
Aaron Schnore
Andre Lomov
Andrew Kula
Andy Thorington
Angela Smith
Anna Siri
Anna Stofsky
Antoinette Luzano
Aude Taylor
Audrey Arkins
Berta Platas
Bill Johnston
Bob Castanes
Bob DeRosa
Bram Moreinis
Brett Martin
Brian Sorbo
Brooke Brandt
Bryan Foerster
Carl and Rosemarie Lindner
Cary Abbott
Christine Rideout
David Lunday
Den Shewman
Dominique Cero
Dylan Shields
Edwin Quinones
Elizabeth Kim
Elisabeth Loesch
Emma Rush
Erik Bauer
Erik Menches
Erika Rockwell
Fuad Omar
Gareth Taylor
Gina Pegues
Gretchen Weihe
Heather Upton
Jaci Cannon
James Kenney
James Wilson
Jamie Leary
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Jan Pfeiffer
Jason Genser
Jay Lasoff
Jeffrey J. Ellen
Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer McCollough
Jeremy Martinson
Joe Tomczak
John Colagioia
John Fasano
Jonathan Maccia
Jorge Rivera
Joshua Stone
Judith Roby
Kal-El Bogdanove
Kathy Kitt
Kathy Muraviov
Kerry Wright
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Kimberly Lucas
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Liska Ostojic
Lori Panasik
Malcolm Wong
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