Jim Cirile

Jim CirileJim Cirile (cowriter/executive producer) is a WGA writer/artist/musician living in Los Angeles, The son of two NYPD Detectives, Jim was in his first car chase in utero when his mother (Liberator Associate Producer and former NYPD Detective Marie Cirile-Spagnuolo), chased down, shot and apprehended a looter in NYC’s garment district — the day before going out on maternity leave.
A former contributing writer to Weekly World News, Jim wrote the Agent’s Hot Sheet column for Creative Screenwriting for a decade and writes about the biz for Script and music and concert reviews for Progression magazines. Jim has sold, optioned or written for hire dozens of screenplays and has enjoyed a multi-picture deal with Lion’s Gate/CFP which resulted in three produced action films: Bounty Hunters, Hawk’s Vengeance and Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball. Jim may also be the only writer ever to rewrite the Coen Bros. (on the aborted mob comedy GUIDO.) Jim is also the founder and CEO of Coverage, Ink, a top-rated low-cost script analysis/development service (coverageink.com,) with a team of 14 pro industry story editors. He previously executive produced the monster comedy short Showdown of the Godz starring George Takei and is cowriting and exec producing the upcoming feature Malevolent.

“Liberator is everything I always wanted in a movie,” says Jim. “I wanted to make a film that embraced the nerd TV icons I grew up with — guys like Lou Ferrigno, Peta Wilson and Michael Dorn — and put them in challenging positions in a world gone haywire. It’s a superhero movie, but one very much based in the real world, with real-world problems and messed-up politics, not some fantasy universe. Our goal was to put the ball in play and hopefully whet people’s appetites for the further adventures of this character.”

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