Aaron Pope

Cal Shorts Award WinnerAaron Pope (co-writer/director) is a seasoned Writer, Director, and Producer who worked his way up from the very bottom before getting his big break with the production of Vampire Clan, the heralded true crime thriller chronicling the late-nineties crime spree of Rod Ferrell and his clan of goth killers. The success of that movie led to other true crime thrillers, such as Speck, The Boston Strangler, and the arthouse crime drama Rampage. Action movies Air Marshal, Pandemic, and Border Town, horror movies Dark Reel and Raven, and family adventure comedy The Gold Retrievers, were soon to follow, and Aaron began to establish himself as a Producer, finding credits in that role with The Boston Strangler, Pandemic, Raven and Border Town. But he was always destined for the director’s chair, and after making his directing debut with the dark suspense thriller Taphephobia, he followed up with the highly anticipated superhero action flick Liberator. He is currently a staff writer on My Haunted House for A&E.

Aaron Pope lives with his wife Amy and son Casey in Southern California where he’s considered a go-to Writer, Director and Producer, and never stops working to bring the high octane, suspense and action-filled movies that inspire him to the screen.

“The truly unique thing about Liberator,” says Director Aaron Pope, “is that, unlike other superhero flicks out there, it’s based very much in the politics of now. This is a real person in the real world, dealing with, well, reality. He’s a superhero, yes, but he’s also a man and a father, dealing with the things that affect us all as humans. It’s this personal, emotional element that really sets this character, and this project, apart.”

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